Whether you stop by to get your one and only, or to add to your current collection of ink- we have 5 artists who bring a wide range of experience and style specialties.

Such as; Traditional, Japanese, Maori, Polynesian, Portraits and complex detail work involving black & grey, shading; etc. Even though we have hundreds of designs, we pride ourselves in the fact that the majority of our work is custom. Designed from unique ideas for each and every client.


Rob Fay

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instagram @steakmoss

Hailing from Syracuse in gorgeous Upstate NY, Rob has been tattooing for over five years and drawing for most of his life.




Julie has been tattooing over for over 3 years and drawing for most of her life. Versatile in all styles, she specializes in traditional and neotraditional tattoos.



Instagram @pitatb

Pito from the boogie down
Bronx, NYC, has been tattooing for 10 yrs.
A versatile artist who excels in all schools
of tattooing, if he can see it, he can tat
it. He specializes in black and grey
realism and he can draw up anything
your creative minds bring to the table
so come to addiction nyc, ask for
pito, and leave with a P.Fresh tattoo