Here you will find answers to most common questions.

What should I do to prepare for my tattoo appointment?

In order to get a fantastic custom tattoo, the key ingredient is- references. For example- the detail in one picture, and the color in another. Basically, gather any and all visual references you want to be included in your design. This helps the artist get that much closer to accurately drawing what is in your head. Bring them in when consulting with the artist.

While walk-ins are welcomed, they are not guaranteed. Depending on your piece, your artist may need to schedule you for an appointment in order to complete your design. This requires a non-refundable deposit that is included in the price of the tattoo. The amount of the deposit is at the artists’ discretion which starts at about $50. It is to assure the artist that you will follow up on your piece and arrive at your appointed time. Aftercare will be provided by the artist upon the completion of your procedure.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

Missing your appointment or showing up late may result in the forfeiting of the deposit. It depends on the artist/circumstances. Please call us at the shop if you cannot make it or will be late. We will be able to reschedule for you.

(We do not want to waste your time, so please do not waste ours.)